Our Services

Interior Designing

With our experiences and familiarities in carpentry industry, we are providing ideas, suggestions and opinions to potential customers, in order to help them in construction and building up their dream houses with the best interior design.

Discussion will be output in the form of 2D drawing or 3D drawing, to give customer the best way to visualizing the ideas and design.


Custom Built In Cabinet

1. For Residential

Top 5 cabinets normally requested by homeowner:

  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Wardrobe
  • TV Cabinet
  • Study Table
  • Shoe Cabinet

Besides, the others cabinet that we are customizing for each customer also includes:

  • Altar
  • Dressing Table
  • Sanitary Cabinet
  • Bed Set
  • Column / Divider
  • Partition
  • Box-up Frame / Staircase
  • Island
  • Bar Counter
  • Display Cabinet

2. For Commercial

Image is one of the critical factors that decide whether a business is going to be succeeded, this caused the demand of interior designing and custom building cabinet from businesses are getting higher nowadays.

Top 3 customization cabinet requested by commercial customers:

  • Various Type Of Counter
  • Pantry
  • Office System


Repairing & Refurbishing

Many of the cabinet have been used for over years, and most of them are in certain level of damages as caused by moisture, accessories malfunction, human factors and any other factors.

We always try our best effort to repairing those cabinets, by replacing the damaged part of cabinet, changing those malfunctioning equipment with new accessories, to enable it can be continuous used in good and safe conditions.

Besides repairing, we also provide refurbish service to customers by giving the used cabinets a “second resplendent” chance. Most of the cabinet fades, if used for more than 8 years. We usually shellac the cabinet surface to re-appear the lustre and deepen the colour, and this is mostly applied for laminated surface.